How do we know that the Harbor Island project will be environmentally responsible?

The Port of Corpus Christi is dedicated to making sure all projects and operations are environmentally responsible. Our environmental policy is rooted in five key precepts that we use to evaluate our decisions and ensure that everything we do exemplifies environmental stewardship: air quality, water quality, soils and sediments, wildlife habitat, and environmental sustainability.

The Port was recently recognized by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for our commitment to the environment, receiving the prestigious 2018 Texas Environmental Award for Pollution Prevention for our efforts on various fronts, including: providing air monitoring at the bulk terminal, storm water quality improvements, landscape enhancements, development of a spill prevention program, dredge material reuse, green-energy use for 100 percent of our power needs, and an organization-wide recycling program. We are committed to bringing this standard to the design and operation of the terminal at Harbor Island, including incorporating best available technology for air emissions control and spill prevention.  We are also evaluating the use of on-site renewable energy generation to support terminal operations

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