Does Port Aransas have anything to fear from the proposed terminal on Harbor Island? What if there is a spill? Why shouldn’t people be worried about that?

The proposed activities on Harbor Island (transfer of crude) are akin to what was conducted at that location for around 70 years (roughly 1933-2003) without impacting the quality of life and tourist economy in Port Aransas. The design of the proposed terminal will include the best available (safest) technology on all fronts (storage tanks, spill containment, fire suppression, loading arms).

The Port has adopted the highest standards for environmental protection in the maritime industry, per our ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management System and our Green Marine Certification; these standards will be reflected in the design and operation of the terminal. The Port, as the land owner and landlord for the terminal to be developed and operated by Lone Start Ports, will enforce the terms of the lease to hold Lone Start Ports to the Port’s standards for environmental protection.

The potential for effective spill containment is one of the criteria guiding evaluation of design alternatives for the placement and orientation of the docks.  The Port will deploy boom during all crude transfer operations.  Further, the loading arms that will be utilized at the terminal are extremely sophisticated and include emergency systems that automatically close valves and turn off pumps in case of separation from the vessel.

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