Is there a vessel turning basin included in the current Corpus Christi Ship Channel dredging project? If not, are there future plans to dredge a turning basin? Where will dredge material from these projects be placed?

There will not be required a maneuvering or turning basin for the current layout being developed for Harbor Island.  With the development of the current concept to cut into the property to create the berths and associated slips, the maneuvering of the vessels can occur in front of the Terminal once fully dredged.

The material dredged to deepen the Ship Channel and to create the turning basin will be used beneficially to the extent possible per the Port’s environmental precepts for creating wildlife habitat.  Sediment cores have already been tested for chemical contamination and confirmed that the sediments to be dredged in the Ship Channel are suitable and safe for upland placement and beneficial use. The engineering team will evaluate sediment type and grain size to determine suitability for various habitat creation alternatives and suitable placement.

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